Dual Diploma

The Dual Diploma Program lets Polish and other international students earn an accredited American High School Diploma without leaving their current school. This means students can simultaneously graduate with both American and their national high school qualifications, further widening their academic and professional prospects.

Similarly to Full Time students, Dual Diploma students can gain school credits in the American system based on their domestic school transcripts. Some of the subjects mirror. This means that non-US-based students enrolled in the American Online High School Program at JDJ IOS can focus on the additional credits that aren’t included in their domestic curriculum. To graduate with a US High School Diploma, students ought to complete 24 credits altogether.

Each student is only required to undertake courses that account for 6 credits. These are: English & Literature (4 credits), U.S. Politics and Government (0.5 credits), U.S. History (1 credit), and Economics (0.5 credits). This assumes that the student would have completed the other credits through credit transfer (maximum 18 credits) from their national school. Students who cannot transfer the 18 credits must take additional online courses with us. This way, they can make up for the required credits.