American Online High School

You can enrol in the American Online High School for Adults at JDJ International Open School and start learning any month of the year, regardless of where you live. Students have access to learning materials 24/7. Thanks to asynchronous learning and formative assessment methods, adult students work at their own pace (within certain timeframes for completing the courses). As a result, studying can be reconciled with passions or a full-time job.

Students communicate with teachers and access learning materials such as textbooks, quizzes, videos, audio materials, computer games, assignments etc., via a school platform, which is accessible from a computer, tablet or smartphone provided that there is high-speed internet access. Teacher-student communication happens one-on-one via online consultations by email, chat, telephone or vide-calls to address any areas of concern or provide you with any information you may need. Contact with other students (in all age groups) is possible through groups of interest, virtual chat rooms of school clubs, and student associations.

By enrolling on the program, our adult students follow the footsteps of 37,000 students of different age groups learning at our school entirely online.

Educational Mentor

The role of JDJ Educational Mentor is to:

  • motivate students to fulfill their potential,
  • monitor student’s learning progress,
  • access the LMS in order to make sure deadlines for assignments are fulfilled in a timely manner,
  • directly contact teachers on behalf on the adult student so that if a student experiences any issues, they can be resolved promptly,
  • help create a personalized learning schedule so that adult students can take full advantage of online learning. For instance, through elective course choices reflective of future educational or professional aspirations,
  • aid in selecting the right university.

Virtual Reality Courses

JDJ IOS presents the opportunity to study state-of-the-art virtual reality courses
such as: Biotechnology, Drone flying, Martial arts, Robotics, Cooking and many more.

We are excited to offer this revolutionary educational programme for teenagers and adults worldwide. Each VR course revolves around authentic experiences and has been specifically designed to allow course participants to gain a qualification in their chosen discipline. Furthermore, these modules also count towards college credits.

ID Card

JDJ students receive a Student ID card indicating the status of a student.


The American Online High School Programme is accredited by Cognia (previously AdvancED). Students must complete all courses that meet academic standards expected from students in the US at each grade level, known as the Common Core Standards.