JDJ IOS is an innovative educational ecosystem built on close collaboration between JDJ Bachalski, the owner of the JDJ IOS brand, accredited curriculum providers, and educational institutions worldwide.

Since 1990, JDJ Bachalski has been delivering exceptional international education to children, youth, and adults in Central and Eastern Europe through study-abroad programs and language courses overseas.

Until 2011, we also operated a network of 28 JDJ Bachalski language schools across Poland (and one in Slovakia), serving approximately 130 thousand clients to date.

JDJ Bachalski is part of the Bachalski Business Group, which operates in various sectors including medical (medi-raj.pl), turfing (zielonyhoryzont.com.pl), media (gorzow24.pl), and  education (jdj-ios.com, jdj.com.pl)

The group was founded by Dariusz Jacek Bachalski, the owner, who has also served as a politician for seven years, initially as a member of the Polish Sejm and later as a Senator.

JDJ International Open Schools (JDJ IOS) is an innovative educational initiative that emerged in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our mission is to provide students with high-quality education and learning opportunities suitable for the 21st century. JDJ IOS is co-founded and led by Wojciech Bachalski, son of Jacek Bachalski.