JDJ International Open School

The most affordable, flexible, individualized, and convenient way to obtain an accredited US High School Diploma in Central and Eastern Europe.

JDJ International Open School delivers international high school, middle school, and homeschool programs and curricula from all over the globe in one place. We facilitate the completion of overseas education programs entirely online. Simultaneously, we offer additional services to provide comprehensive academic support to our students locally. 

We are an official partner of accredited curriculum providers from all over the world. We are based in Europe (HQ in Poland). With us, you will obtain an American, British, or another foreign secondary education diploma from the comfort of your home!

We will prepare you for studying at top universities abroad!

We make dreams come true by paving your way to top universities worldwide, including Oxford, Cambridge, Tsinghua, Peking University, Stanford, and Harvard!

Have fun!

At JDJ IOS you will receive the learning support you need to succeed in completing your American, British, or another overseas high school program online.

Change your life!

We believe that we change lives, add courage, help understand the world, and move around it freely. The purpose of JDJ IOS is to maximize human wellbeing through the provision of world-class education to as many people as possible.

JDJ International Open School (JDJ IOS) is a fascinating 21st-century educational project developed by Wojciech Bachalski, under the watchful eye and support of the Bachalski Group founder and privately his father, Dariusz Jacek Bachalski. After completing his education at schools and universities abroad in Oxford, Sydney, and Shanghai, Wojciech has worked in China for several years. Having gained an extensive professional network and experience in the education and ed-tech industries in Asia, he now introduces innovative solutions to the European education market.

Who are the clients of JDJ Bachalski?

cezary pazura

Cezary Pazura

a popular Polish actor

tusk with obama

Donald Tusk

a former PM of Poland and president of the European Council

alicja bachleda curus

Alicja Bachleda-Curuś

a famous Polish actress and singer