Free yourself from going to school…

… with an online school!

Getting a foreign high school diploma online at JDJ IOS  is an excellent solution for those who desire to:

  • Become real citizens of the world, 
  • Have more freedom of movement (geographical mobility),
  • Graduate high school early, 
  • Be able to work and study at the same time.

Study stress-free and at your own pace!

Studying online at JDJ IOS is excellent for those who wish to:

  • Improve their academic performance by studying in a quiet and home-like environment, far from distractions and pressure from peers or teachers,
  • Study at their own pace thanks to flexible schedules and personalized learning approach,
  • Be taught by qualified native English speaking teachers and become fully fluent in the language.
  • Benefit from academic support provided by JDJ Educational Coaches. 

Study at Oxford or Harvard!

We will help our students:

  • Prepare for studying at their dream university in the UK, USA or any other country,
  • Get certified and obtain preliminary credits for a professional qualification in the USA, and university credits, by completing one or more of the Virtual Reality courses as an elective. 

Develop your passions!

JDJ IOS organizational formula allows students to: 

  • Be able to spend more time on their passions and interests while still keeping excellent academic performance in high school,
  • Improve their technological skills.
  • Make international friends and learn about new cultures,
  • Have fun in Virtual Reality courses which utilize gamification in the learning process, and during stationary activities and workshops at JDJ Education Centers!

Get the most recognizable high school diploma in the world!

Our partner high schools from abroad are fully accredited by regional agencies or other entities that are supervised by the Departments/Ministries of Education in their countries. Our American High School Diploma Program is approved by accreditation agencies such as Cognia (formerly AdvancED), SACS CASI, and NCAA. Upon completion of the American High School in the JDJ IOS organizational formula, you can apply for universities or colleges almost anywhere in the world! 

Save time and money!

When applying to study at a university or college in an English-speaking country, you will not have to take additional English exams, burden yourself with formalities related to converting your grades, or getting official translations of your transcripts, etc.

Study what you love!

Studying in the JDJ IOS organizational formula is an absolute revolution in education! In an international online environment, our students utilize user-friendly learning management systems. And stationary, they develop social skills during workshops and group activities at the premises of JDJ Education Centers.