Get both a US High School Diploma and a high school diploma from your home country by carrying out studies simultaneously at two schools!

If you want to continue education at your national high school and still obtain an accredited US High School Diploma by learning online, you can enrol in the Dual Diploma Program! That way, you will complete your secondary education with two high school diplomas at the same time – one from your home country, and one from the USA

Typically, to obtain their US High School Diploma, high-schoolers need to earn 24 credits (as per the educational requirements in Florida). However, JDJ IOS students partaking in the Dual Diploma Program do not need to take all of the 24 credits. Up to 17 credits can be transferred based on transcripts from the school in their home country.

Students who undertake the Dual Diploma Program need to complete at least 7 credits by learning online as part of the American Online High School Program at JDJ IOS. These are the core minimum to qualify for the American High School Diploma on the condition of getting good enough final grades in the national school to supplement the 18 remaining credits by credit transfer. It is worth mentioning that 4 out of the 7 minimum required credits relate to the improvement of the student’s English proficiency level. 

Which academic subjects are included in the program?

The minimum required courses are as follows:

  • English & Literature 9 (1 credit)
  • English & Literature 10 (1 credit)
  • English & Literature 11 (1 credit)
  • English & Literature 12 (1 credit)
  • American History (1 credit)
  • World History (1 credit)
  • American Economy (0.5 credit)
  • American Politics and Government (0.5 credit)


The American High School Diploma is an innovative e-learning program that, by employing new technologies in education, allows students to obtain their US High School Diploma online from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, students can choose to receive additional support from JDJ Educational Coaches at JDJ Education Centers locally. Students can interact with their American High School overseas’ teachers at any moment, anywhere, and on any electronic device (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.) in a safe, English, and international learning environment.

The US High School curriculum, structure, and demands are the same as in a bricks-and-mortar Florida-based American high-school, except for the student’s physical attendance requirement. If a student chooses to receive the additional academic support from JDJ Education Coaches locally, the attendance policy at JDJ Education Center toward a student will depend on the case-by-case agreement between parents/guardians and JDJ IOS).

How Does It Work?

It is advisable that the program begins when the student is 14 years of age. The earlier the student enrolls at the American High School Online, the more comfort over two or three years he or she has to simultaneously study their subjects at their home-country based school along with 2 to 4 American subjects per year.

Knowledge and command of new technologies

The American High School Dual Diploma program helps students to develop technological skills. The advantages of the virtual learning program offers are a higher interest level and motivation, better learning autonomy, an interdisciplinary nature, digital and audio-visual literacy, development of information search and selection skills, or even a positive teacher-student communication. The program facilitates the students’ integration with this emerging world, which is continuously changing and transforming — a world where the command of new technologies is vital.

Improvement of English Level

It is undeniable that English is known in many parts of the world as the “lingua franca” of the global economy, in business, technology, science, and aviation, and its influence is more significant than ever in the XXI century. The Dual Diploma program promotes English learning. All subjects are taught in this language, and interactions between teachers and international students are established in English. This creates an extremely positive immersion environment to improve communicative skills and increases motivation and confidence when using the language. This is an essential characteristic of any program seeking to achieve a high linguistic level.

Reward for Determination

The learning of different materials and subjects which would not usually be accessible to students, together with a large capacity for work and a high English level, provides students with a wide range of academic possibilities. A high school student wishing to attend an American university will have advantages, when submitting their application, over students who have not shown this command of English and other academic achievements.

Cultural Exchange

The American high school Dual Diploma also tests the ability of students to work in different cultural environments. This cultural exchange begins the very first moment that students start their course, write reports, and communicate with their native teachers in English.

Social Clubs

As well as interaction with American teachers, an American high school offers students the chance to participate in a social platform, which, among other things, allows students to communicate with other students from all over the world. It also will enable students to read student blogs, write their own, and join many of the diverse interest clubs and groups: This is undoubtedly one of the strong points of the program, giving it extra added value.

Students will join student clubs and groups where they will be in contact with other participants who share the same passions (i.e., journalism, cookery, photography, music, gaming, getting ready for college, etc.) in an exclusive environment for the school’s students and teachers. Some of these clubs are teacher-led and have a weekly open house where all the members of the club can meet, share ideas, and discuss projects. In this way, the program helps to develop the capacity for flexibility and adaptation to different ways of working, situations, and environments, as well as developing strong aptitudes and qualities to face the future in an enthusiastic and well-prepared manner decisively.

Advantages for Parents

The American High School Dual Diploma Program opens new horizons to the future of your children, facilitating them to access prestigious universities not only in the USA but worldwide. It encourages maturity, independence, and self-management in students, teaching them to acquire responsibilities and to be more competitive, helping them to enter the job market that is more and more demanding and which is in the process of constant change and transformation.

Internationalization of studies:

The American High School Dual Diploma program offers the possibility to study international courses in a relaxed, comfortable, and flexible way, avoiding the expensive costs of studying abroad.

Access to new teaching methods:

Students have the chance to get to know, first hand, the workings of one of the most highly acclaimed education systems in the world. Preview of higher education: In the American High School Dual Diploma Program, we apply similar teaching methods to those students face at university or any other mobility program such as the popular Erasmus Program.


A school that includes an American High School Dual Diploma program in its educational services offering joins a new trend which is becoming noticeable in charter and private schools all over the world. It provides new tools to the syllabus without the need to modify the existing plan. It brings more sense and logic into bilingual and plurilingual programs. It supports students in their efforts to find employment abroad, giving them competitive tools, and encouraging their effort and independence. The American High School Dual Diploma is a prestigious, recognized, international program.


  • Enrolment in up to 8 subjects for the obtainment of 7 credits
  • Course duration up to 3 years
  • Virtual tutorial meetings with teachers from the USA
  • Exam registration
  • Validation + translation of transcripts
  • Access to the American High School lounge and social clubs
  • Monitoring by JDJ Educational Parent in Poland
  • All educational material for the course
  • The US High School Diploma


The student is expected to maintain the appropriate pace of the course during the academic year and must make a genuine effort to achieve the best results, dedicating an average of 4 to 5 hours per week. In case of any difficulty, the student should inform their JDJ Educational Parent, who will give the necessary help and orientation.


Students will submit exercises, projects, tasks, exams, tests, and quizzes to the Learning Management System (LMS). Once the teacher has corrected this work, the students will be able to see their results, marks, and comments from the teacher through this system.


The online attendance, participation, and performance of the student will be supervised to guarantee that students fulfill the obligatory attendance rules and they progress adequately.

Attendance is measured by the time the student is connected to the LMS, their contributions made via online connections, the presentation of tests, projects and tasks, and email messages sent and received via the platform. Every time the student opens a course, participation is registered automatically and time spent in each area is recorded.



In the virtual learning environment, teacher-student communication regularly demands commitment beyond that of the traditional way of studying as interaction is vital to the success of the program. Instant messaging and emails are considered fundamental and they are expected to be used on a regular basis, and there should also be regular oral communication with American high school teachers. This prepares the student for the reality of the employment world which adults face daily.

The American high school teachers have established timetables and will be available for students and parents on the days and at the times entered on their official timetables which will be from Monday to Friday from 15.00 to 23.00 (CET) with a maximum response time of around 20 minutes (outside working hours 24-48 hours).

During these hours, the teachers will answer telephone calls, emails, Skype/Zoom, and instant messages as soon as possible. As well as this, the school in the students’ home town or program supervisor will establish regular tutoring sessions to help those students enrolled in the program.


Email addresses, Skype/Zoom ID, phone numbers, and other means of contact with the teachers, along with login information will be issued to the student.