American Online High and/or Middle School Programme

Full-Time Programme
Our distance learning program allows you to study at an accredited US high school with peers from around the world. You could graduate from high school early, thanks to the credit transfer procedure and self-paced learning. Graduating with an accredited American high school diploma means that your qualifications will be recognized at top universities all over the world.

Dual Diploma
You can gain an American high school diploma whilst continuing full-time education at your current school in your home country. Graduating with both an American high school diploma and your national qualifications increases your chances of being accepted globally by the most renowned universities.

NCAA accreditation
Increase your chances of receiving a sports scholarship at one of the American universities by taking NCAA – approved courses!

Virtual Reality (VR) Courses
These state-of-the-art courses give students a unique educational experience in various specialized areas such as Robotics, Criminology, Welding, or Biotechnology. These optional modules lead to industry certification, and college credit.

School fees

Service name Price
Free consultation  FREE
Analysis of transcripts, conversion of grades and credit transfer USD 50
Enrolment and administration fee*
(one-time non-refundable fee upon registration)
USD 650
English proficiency level exam** USD 75
Tuition fee for the Dual Diploma Programme (3 years)

(7 credits over 3 years. 17 credits will be accredited based on final grades from the national school)

USD 835  

per school year

Tuition fee for the American Online High/Middle/Primary School Full – Time Programme
a 4-year high school programme
USD 2250 

per school year (10 months)

Individual Courses (Regular, Remedial, Honors):
a course of 1 credit value
USD 375
Individual Courses (Regular, Remedial, Honors):
a course of 0.5 credit value
USD 250
Advanced Placement (AP)/NCAA/Virtual Reality (VR) Courses:
a course of 1 credit value
USD 600
Two months school year extension*** USD 300
Graduation package

The final price depends on the package selected.

between USD 150 and USD 300
Optional services

JDJ Educational Mentor

USD 300 / month

*Upon registration, we require a 650 USD enrollment fee to secure a student’s place and cover administrative costs.

**Students who have previously studied at an English-taught school or have successfully obtained an English proficiency certificate (i.e. IELTS, TOEFL, CAE etc.) can be exempt from the language entrance exam.

***Students have 10 months to finish a school year from the date they started. If a student does not pass all the relevant modules in that time, they are allowed to extend their school year by further two months at an additional cost.

Full - Time Programme

Would you like to study from anywhere in the world? Or are you simply looking for a more flexible learning approach, which considers your unique circumstances? If so, the full-time programme might be the perfect solution for you.

Who is the full-time programme for?

The full-time programme has been created for those who would like to switch from their national high school education for the sake of enrolling into an American counterpart. While undertaking the American High School Full- Time Programme, students living in Poland or neighbouring countries study online at a high school based in the USA. JDJ students graduate with an American high school diploma, which, thanks to its global recognition, helps candidates stand out in the university recruitment process.

How does the transition process take place?

At JDJ International Open School (JDJ IOS), we have worked hard to make our students’ school transition as seamless as possible. One of the undertakings that have made this possible was translating and contrasting the national and American high school curricula. Because of this, students can transfer a large part of their school grades, which enables them to speed up their graduation date by a year and sometimes, due to self-paced learning methods, by up to 2 years! For instance, those who have completed a subject in their domestic curriculum may not be required to take a course corresponding to that same subject again.

Thanks to flexible scheduling and a personalized learning approach, each student can enrol at the school in any given month of the year and begin their education just about immediately. Distance learning takes place over 2-4 years, depending on the student’s preferences and abilities. Each school year lasts 10 months from the selected start date. Given the student counsellor’s permission, a student may have the opportunity to take up more or fewer courses than the set school year standard. This allows them to graduate early or late, depending on individual needs.

American Online High School Programme

To graduate with an American high school diploma, students need to undertake required subjects, which account for 24 credits. Students are advised to take a minimum of 6 school credits a year. You can find the full list of compulsory and non-compulsory courses in our Course Catalogue.

What is the school like?

While enroled in the American Online High/Middle/Primary School Programme at JDJ IOS, students have access to learning materials 24/7, which means they can work in their own time and at a pace that truly suits them. Students submit their work and communicate with their teachers via a Learning Management System (LMS). The LMS encompasses various tools such as online access to learning materials, virtual chat rooms and support chats integrated with social platforms to ensure students get the help they need. The LMS is a hub created to grant students access to academic journals and papers and submit their coursework, assignments, quizzes, group projects, etc. It is widely accessible on most devices, including smartphones, tablets, desktop and laptop computers, regardless of where you are in the world. Teachers can be contacted via one-to-one online video consultations, email, live chat and telephone to address any areas of concern or provide you with any information you may need.

Is the high school programme accredited?

The American Online High School programme at JDJ IOS is accredited by Cognia (previously AdvancED). Students must pass all required final exams based on American academic standards expected from students at each grade level, known as the Common Core Standards.

Additionally, our offer also includes NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) approved courses. The NCAA accreditation allows JDJ students, regardless of their nationality or residence, to apply for sports scholarships at American colleges and universities.

Dual Diploma

Would you like to study abroad without the need to drop out of your current high school? Or maybe you are looking to study at an American school at the lowest possible cost?

What is Dual Diploma?

This new hybrid learning programme allows students to study at an accredited American high school, without the need to leave their current school. This means they can simultaneously graduate with both American and their national high school qualifications, further widening their academic and professional prospects.

How does the programme work?

Similarly to the full-time programme, Dual Diploma students have the opportunity to transfer credits from their current school to the American high school. This is possible because our experienced team at JDJ IOS translates and compares the respective high school curricula. Some of the subjects mirror. Take the Polish curriculum as an example, students with grades 4 and above, a UK equivalent of a C grade, are able to transfer their current grades and course credits for their counterpart subjects. This means that non- American students enrolled in the JDJ AHS can focus their full attention on learning towards the additional credits that aren’t included in their domestic curriculum.

What kind of subjects does a student undertake?

To graduate with a US high school diploma, students ought to complete 24 credits altogether, inclusive of the modules transferred from their domestic syllabus. Each student is only required to undertake 8 courses from the list on the next page, which altogether account for 7 credits. This is assuming that the student would have completed the other credits through credit transfer (maximum 17 credits). In the case where a student cannot transfer the 17 credits, they must undertake additional courses within the American Online High School programme. This way, they can make up for the remaining credits required to graduate.

How long will the Dual Diploma programme take to complete?

Usually, the Dual Diploma programme takes place over 3-4 years, which accounts to 2 or 2 1⁄2 credits per year. This all depends on student’s discipline and schedule constraints. There have been students who have received the American high school diploma within a year or two. This is of course based upon the individual and their circumstances. Students can seek guidance on their schedule and learning targets with the school counselor. School counselor’s job is to help students develop a personalized learning strategy that suits their needs and takes into consideration other commitments.

English & Literature 9 1
English & Literature 10 1
English & Literature 11 1
English & Literature 12 1
American History 1
World History 1
American Economy 0.5
American Politics & Government 0.5

NCAA accreditation

Are you looking to pursue sports as well as an academic career during your time at university? The NCAA accreditation programme enables students to apply for sports scholarships at some of the most prestigious American colleges and universities.

About NCAA

NCAA stands for National Collegiate Athletic Association. It is an organisation that regulates student athletes from over 1200 universities in the United States. NCAA is the largest of this type of organisations worldwide. It oversees university leagues and sporting events in collegiate sports such as Basketball, Baseball, Lacrosse, Tennis, Soccer, Gymnastics, Hockey and Athletics. The organisation’s aim is to integrate intercollegiate athletics into higher education in order to create a seamless connection between education and sports. NCAA is also responsible for the business aspect of university sports, in particular the selling of broadcasting rights to games. With NCAA being the largest of this type of organisation in the US, it also has the largest scholarship budget available for its prospective student athletes.

What do I need to do to qualify for an NCAA scholarship?

The amount of completed credits needed to graduate from high school with an American diploma under the Florida school district is 24. To be eligible to compete and qualify for an athletic scholarship, a student needs to complete a minimum of 16 core courses that are NCAA approved. These must cover the subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Foreign Language, Comparative Religion or Philosophy.

Virtual Reality Courses

Additionally to the previously mentioned course offerings, JDJ IOS also presents the opportunity to study state-of-the-art virtual reality courses such as: Biotechnology, Drone flying, Martial arts, Robotics, Cooking and many more.

We are excited to offer this revolutionary multi-award-winning educational programme for teenagers and adults worldwide. Each VR course revolves around authentic experiences and has been specifically designed to allow the course participants to gain a qualification in their chosen discipline. Furthermore, these modules also count towards future university credits.

Advanced Placement

What is an Advanced Placement course?

The Advanced Placement (AP) Programme offers advanced courses on a college level. Having passed an AP course, a student gains school credits, which could later be regarded as academic credits at college or university. As a result, AP students stand out during the university/college recruitment process and save time and money because they will have the opportunity to graduate from their undergraduate studies early, reducing their total tuition cost. AP Programme has been created by a panel of experts and university professors for the College Board of Education. The organization supervises university syllabuses as well as high school examinations. If a subject has been approved by the College Board, the school has the right to call it an AP subject. It is subsequently added to the AP Course Ledger. According to Good Schools Guide International, AP courses are more demanding than regular US high school courses. However, they are less advanced than the IB (International Baccalaureate).

Why are AP modules beneficial?

Those who pass AP classes can earn credits for university level modules, meaning they can graduate from university earlier as course credits gained through the completion of AP modules count towards their final university qualification. Additionally, a student who has undertaken AP modules will be at an advantage in their future career, as they are highly regarded by many Ivy League schools such as Harvard, Yale and Stanford.

Honors courses are advanced level courses taught at a faster pace. These are usually undertaken by ambitious students who would like to expand their knowledge within their chosen field. Taking Honors courses is a great way to demonstrate your educational competencies, which is highly beneficial when it comes time to applying for further education down the line. It helps students stand out in the recruitment process and has been well regarded by university recruitment committees.

How do AP and Honors courses differ?

Honours courses are often promoted as very demanding, but in reality AP courses are even harder. The main difference is that a good grade from an AP course can be treated as university credits because, in many cases, they are deemed equivalent. To pass an AP course, students must receive 3 or more credits. The more prestigious universities require a minimum of 4 credits. The level of depth and rigor of individual AP and Honors courses differs between schools and state The major contributing factor is which organisation creates the course syllabus. For an Advanced Placement course, it is the College Board. In contrast, Honors courses are written by the varying educational authorities depending on the district that the school providing the courses is located in. The Florida state school district authorities regulate the Honors courses in our offer.

American Online High School Adult Learner Program

Adults can undertake the American Online High School Program and graduate with a US High School Diploma, similarly to teenage students. Inquire about the Adult Learner Program for more details.

Optional Services

JDJ students can benefit from additional services. These include tutoring and educational mentoring.

When studying with JDJ IOS, we offer non-compulsory optional services of an educational mentor.

We know that, as parents, staying on top of your child’s education can be a challenge. This is especially noticeable during the COVID-19 pandemic when many students stay at home and parents have to supervise their schedules and learning progress. Therefore we offer additional help to relieve parents of this pressure

W zależności od potrzeb, oferujemy również wsparcie korepetytorów z poszczególnych przedmiotów.

JDJ Educational Mentor

Our mentors are professionals who are responsible for overseeing your child’s learning progress and experience while studying online.

The role of JDJ Educational Mentor is to:

  • motivate students to fulfil their potential,
  • monitor student’s learning progress and report back to their parents/legal guardians,
  • oversee child’s attendance,
  • access the LMS in order to make sure deadlines for assignments are fulfilled in a timely manner,
  • directly contact teachers on behalf on the parent so that if a student experiences any issues, they can be
  • resolved promptly,
  • help create a personalised learning schedule so that students can take full advantage of online learning. For instance, through elective course choices reflective of future educational or professional aspirations,
  • assist in the university selection and application process.

Who are JDJ Educational Mentors for?

Students who may not need much help from a mentor are those who:

  • have the skills and preference to study independently,
  • are well-organised,
  • are diligent in their approach to studies and meeting deadlines.

Students who may benefit from access to a JDJ mentor are those who:

  • have a lesser proficiency towards studying independently,
  • have tendencies to procrastinate,
  • have struggled with time management and planning in the past,
  • have behavioural problems, which may lead to them needing extra support.
  • We also offer access to additional tutor support for some of the subjects.


The American Online High School Programme at JDJ IOS is recognised by leading accreditation agencies in the USA, including Cognia (previously AdvancED) and NCAA. Because of this, we can rest assured that our students receive the highest level of education and their final diplomas are recognised by universities and employers, not only in the US but worldwide. Additionally, students who have successfully passed Advanced Placement (AP) courses can use those credits towards their future university degrees in the States, Canada, some universities in the UK, and other parts of the world. All the courses offered under the American Online High School Programme are approved by the US Department of Education and offer a chance to achieve a US High School Diploma from a private school under the Florida school district.

The US high school diploma obtained upon completing the school is valid across all the States. It means that high school graduates can apply for a place at any US university or college (and most English- taught undergraduate degree programs across the globe) without the requirement of passing a TOEFL or IELTS exam (Only additional SAT or ACT might be required if applying to the US, which depends on each university’s own admissions process in the given academic field).

International Baccalaureate (IB) - online courses

Although we have not yet been able to provide the full International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Online, we can offer the following online courses: 

To download a catalogue with our offer for the full International Baccalaureate (IB) high school programs at our partner brick-and-mortar schools in the United Kingdom, click here.