What is JDJ Educational Mentor?

Overseeing your teenager’s study progress can be quite a challenge. Tracking teenagers’ online schoolwork has been especially burdensome during the COVID-19 pandemic for many parents/guardians across the globe. Throughout the international online high-school or middle school program at JDJ IOS, our students have the option of having another adult responsible for the supervision of their academic progress. That person is called JDJ Educational Mentor. 

The role of JDJ Educational Mentor:

  • Motivate the student to carry out his or her schoolwork diligently and on time.
  • Monitor the student’s academic progress and provide regular feedback to parents/guardians.
  • Track the student’s online class attendance.
  • Access student learning materials to supervise the on-time submission of assessments and assignments.
  • Communicate with teachers and school staff if the student has severe difficulties with comprehension of the studied concepts or in case of other serious problems.
  • Help the student arrange a personalized schedule and study plan to maximize the benefits of online high school, e.g., by selecting elective courses that align with the student’s further education and career plans.
  • If applicable, make a plan to catch up on overdue lessons.
  • Assist the student with the choice of, and application to, college or university.

*JDJ Educational Mentor is not a teacher. His or her role is to support the student in reaching his/her study goals and personal development. JDJ Educational Coaches expect their students to work independently. In some circumstances, JDJ Educational Coaches may guide their students through parts of the lessons to focus attention and provide assistance. The amount of time that the JDJ Educational Mentor spends per student depends on the student’s ability to work independently.

Students with attention deficit disorder, poor English skills, or behavioral problems may require more of the JDJ Educational Mentor‘s time and effort than those without such issues.