You’re on a spaceship being chased by aliens and the only way to save your (avatar’s) life is to land on a secure planet by passing a quiz on the given subject covered in class right now.
Your crew are your classmates and your score in the game will reflect your final grade in class. The adrenaline and spikes of dopamine released each time you score some points makes the learning experience super fun and totally addictive.

Gamification of learning with the application of image and speech recognition systems, live-streaming classrooms, AI intelligent and personalised learning systems based on Big Data, as well as other technological solutions are radically transforming the education industry in China.

The future is already here, just not evenly distributed. Having experienced it first-hand, I dream of nothing but bringing it to every single school and educational institution worldwide, with a special focus on our own, now called “17+1”, a region of the Central and Eastern European countries within the Belt and Road. And this can only be achieved by bringing JDJ – IOS and JDJ Bachalski to the next level!

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