Gifted Student Aid Foundation

Elzbieta Małgorzata Bachalska, a retired notary from Gorzow Wielkopolski, was the person who started the family owned foundation called Pomoc dla Zdolnego Ucznia (in English: Gifted Student Aid) in 1994. All these years later, the foundation’s work has been continued by Malgorzata’s grandson, Wojciech Bachalski.

The charity aims to help gifted teenage students whose unique life circumstances prevent them from achieving their fullest educational potential. Up until today, the charity has aided 66 talented students.

In 2021, the charity’s focus became awarding scholarships to students undertaking the JDJ Dual Diploma Programme. The programme allows students to attend an accredited US high school online while simultaneously continuing their high school education in their country of origin. In this unique hybrid learning model, students are given the opportunity to graduate from high school with both an American High School Diploma as well as their national one. This significantly increases their chances of being admitted to a prestigious university abroad, be it in Poland or another country.

The below criteria is taken into consideration when reviewing scholarship candidates:

  • unique life circumstances,
  • above average achievements in a variety of fields such as sciences/ education, sports, arts, etc.,
  • volunteering,
  • future educational and occupational plans,
  • English language proficiency,
  • other hobbies and passions.

Students aged between 13 and 19 can apply for the ‘Pomoc dla Zdolnego Ucznia’ scholarship. Thanks to the flexible learning model, they can enrol in the JDJ Dual Diploma Programme every month.

Additionally, due to the credit transfer opportunity, where the US high school can accredit relevant high school subjects undertaken in the student’s country, each student is able to switch to a full-time American high school curriculum undertaken entirely online. However, the scholarship only covers 7 credits within the Dual Diploma program and the cost of the credit transfer procedure. Therefore, if a scholarship winner decides to switch to the American Online High School Full Time Program, they would need to consider other sources of finance to cover the remaining tuition fees.

Both the JDJ AHS Full-Time and the JDJ Dual Diploma programmes allow students to graduate with a Cognia-accredited US high school diploma, recognised by universities worldwide, including countries in Central and Eastern Europe.

To be considered for the scholarship, the student ought to apply. In your application, please make sure to include a range of supporting documents such as a cover letter and a description and/or photocopy of documents confirming relevant achievements, a personal data processing consent form, and an income declaration.

A good cover letter will focus on the reasoning behind why you think you should receive the Dual Diploma scholarship, as well as your motivations behind using the scholarship to further advance your career/ personal and educational growth. Your cover letter should be no longer than two pages of A4. If the applicant is underage, the application should be made by their parent or legal guardian. You can find a sample application in appendix 1 of our Policies and Regulations document.

Please send your application to Email subject should state “Scholarship”.

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