Chief Executive Officer and Founder of JDJ Bachalski

Dariusz Jacek Bachalski

Jacek (who prefers to use his second name) is the founder and owner of the Bachalski Group. His companies operate in the educational, medical, telemedical, media, real-estate, and turfing industries in Poland (to learn more, see the Bachalski Business Group section).

Dariusz Jacek Bachalski has also served seven years as a politician. Among various political functions, he served as Deputy of the Sejm (lower house of the Polish bicameral parliament) and Senator (in the upper house of the parliament). He served as Chairman of a political party called Civic Platform in the Lubusz Voivodeship (Polish: województwo lubuskie) for seven years. In the Fourth Term Sejm, he was a member of the Education, Science and Youth Committee. He also served as Vice-chairman of the Polish – British Parliamentary Group and Chairman of the Polish Parliamentary Group for Entrepreneurship.

Education Director & Co-founder of JDJ IOS

Wojciech Bachalski

Wojtek (a diminutive form of Wojciech) is the Education Director at JDJ International Open School (JDJ IOS), so as well as overseeing the school’s operations and programs offered, he also works on its growth and development.


Wojtek graduated from the IB Diploma Programme at St. Clare’s, Oxford, in the UK. In the following years, he pursued his interest in psychology at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. He then moved to China, where he received a degree in business administration from Donghua University in Shanghai. 

Next, he attended a Beijing government-funded program titled the Future of Education in China: Innovation, Design, and Technology organized by Smart Learning Institute at Beijing Normal University. Wojciech has also completed a Chinese language program at East China Normal University in Shanghai.  He speaks fluent English, Polish, as well as German and Mandarin Chinese at an intermediate level. He currently studies online at GBSB Global Business School, pursuing a postgraduate diploma in Digital Education Management. 


Professional experience

Wojciech was awarded a TEFL Certificate (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) following a 6-month long teaching position at the National Institute of Technology in Beijing, which he did during his gap year at 19. After graduating from university, Wojciech worked as Education Director at a home-tutoring company in Shanghai. There, he was responsible for curriculum development, supervision and training of staff, and teaching. He has also tutored IB Psychology and IB Business & Management to international students in Shanghai throughout the years.

Besides his position at JDJ IOS, he also serves as CEATEC Representative to Poland at China – Europe Association for Technical and Economic Cooperation – Shanghai Office (CEATEC). Wojciech has co-organized and coordinated Poland – China Economic and Trade Forum in April of 2019 with business leaders and government officials at a ministerial-level from both Poland and China. He serves as President of Fundacja Pomoc dla zdolnego ucznia.

Among his accomplishments is a term served as president of the Centre of International Programs Student Association (CIPSA) and one as vice-president of a community-based club called the Fresh-Start Rotaract Club of Shanghai, which aims to promote social entrepreneurship among its members. Wojciech facilitated and co-organized leadership training workshops for the nominated and service-minded international youth leaders chosen for their leadership potential.

He has also worked as a consultant and an overseas representative of JDJ Bachalski – the company that owns the JDJ IOS brand, and an educational agency that sends its clients for various study-abroad programs, mainly in the West (formerly also a chain of language schools in Poland and Slovakia)

In the past, Wojciech has also run his own jewellery business in China. This experience has contributed significantly to his knowledge of the Chinese language and culture. In 2021, together with his father, Jacek Bachalski, he introduced JDJ International Open School (JDJ IOS) onto the Central and European market, with the aim to change lives for the better via blending education with technology.